Attending funerals and visiting loved ones

Visiting Woodlawn Cemetery


Losing a loved one is never easy, we’re here to accommodate you.

If you are traveling to Winona, Minnesota to visit Woodlawn Cemetery, this information can assist you in answering some of your questions and how to go about locating a loved one within the cemetery grounds.

Founded back in 1862, Woodlawn Cemetery has been serving families with respect and honor for a long time. We want to reinsure families that your loved ones will not be forgotten. Woodlawn Cemetery is a non-profit organization in Winona, Minnesota open to all people. We will provide a historic site nestled in the bluffs, commonly referred to as the silent city overlooking the Mississippi River. A place of honor, reflecting and healing.


Making plans to attend a funeral service at Woodlawn Cemetery. We ask you to park your vehicle along the side of the road on West Lake Blvd. It gives you a chance for you to use our restrooms in the office and stretch your legs before the funeral service occurs. One of the Woodlawn Cemetery employees will lead your group to the burial service and will remain on the site until the funeral services has been completed. Our role is to be helpful and respectful to all of the families grieving a love one.

Visiting a Loved One’s Grave

We encourage you to send us an email request of finding a loved one’s gravesite before coming out to the cemetery. Please limit your request to three or less individuals. We will do the research and provide you a packet of information including maps in the mail on how to locate loved ones within the grounds. We try to provide you this information in a timely fashion. We receive requests throughout the United States of locating loved ones within Woodlawn Cemetery.

Repurposing A Historic Site

Back in 1884, the officers of the cemetery association pursued a new receiving vault structure resembling a chapel within the cemetery grounds. The purpose for this structure was to house and view casket burials during the inclement weather to relieve mourners of the painful ordeal of standing at a grave site in the bitter cold weather.

Over time the use of the chapel was no longer being used for this purpose. As a result of running out of inventory for outside niches back in 2016 the Board of Directors of Woodlawn Cemetery decided to repurpose the chapel into a public mausoleum. We currently have installed 182 niches within this historic building and has the capability of adding additional 200 niches in the future. These inside niches provide you another option to consider at Woodlawn Cemetery. Please contact us at 507-452-6016 or for more information.

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