Woodlawn Cemetery

Veterans Memorial


The stories behind their services. We wanted to preserve their legacy by creating an honorable place within Woodlawn Cemetery for all of our American veterans.

Ronald & Joyce Wanek, founders of Ashley Furniture Industries had the vision to financial support and develop a Veterans Memorial site at Woodlawn Cemetery. The tribute is for all of the servicemen and women who lost their lives during wartime. As you enter into this historic cemetery in Winona the memorial site is nestled in front of the cemetery in a park like setting to accommodate everyone’s needs.

It features a circle of brief war narratives starting with the American Revolution War to the most current war in the Persian Gulf. The site also provides information on the countries known as the Tyrants in which the United States were up against over the years.

It’s a place to learn, honor and heal from the lost love ones who served in the Armed Services. A history lesson for all to experience when you visit Woodlawn Cemetery in Winona, MN.

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