Woodlawn Walkers

Recently I went in for my annual physical and was encouraged by my doctor to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine. Taking his advice, I explored various ways to get back into shape, whether it was a brisk walk or in my case, a saunter around the hiking trails near our home.

Over the years I have always been amazed by the number of walkers who come to Woodlawn Cemetery for their daily exercise. They come here to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the cemetery grounds and can select roads in the cemetery that provide a challenging workout or less strenuous ones.

This idea was a trigger for me to come up with another way to promote Woodlawn Cemetery. We decided to pursue the idea of selling t-shirts this year with a clever tag line and design for Woodlawn Walkers apparel. By purchasing one of these t-shirts, you are not only going to look fashionable, but will help support a worthwhile cause in our efforts to maintain the cemetery grounds.

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